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Vintage Ink Solutions prepares manuscripts in accordance with industry standards. We cater to a wide range of genres, including fiction and non-fiction, as well as biographies, memoirs, and documentaries. Our editors will review your work to ensure that it is suitable for submission. We have expertise and you have the ideas, therefore we can guarantee an excellent outcome for your title. 

Important points for Submission

Choose your best title

We only cater one genre per author, make sure that the title that you'll submit is the one that you have 100% faith that it will succeed. Your confidence in your book is very important

Complete materials is a MUST!


Both major publishers and productions companies received millions of submission everyday, before we submit your work we need to make sure that everything is complete


Be open for suggestions

Your title is your masterpiece but this in this field we are the expert, we need cooperation in order for this project to work


We cater authors in 195+ countries

Acceptable Genre

  • Vintage Ink Solutions accepts the following genres

  • Fiction                         

    • Fantasy

    • Adventure

    • Romance

    • Contemporary

    • Mystery

    • Horror

    • Thriller

    • Paranormal

    • Historical fiction

    • Science Fiction

    • Children’s​

  • Non-Fiction

    • Memoir

    • Cookbook

    • Self-help

    • Development

    • Motivational

    • Health

    • History

    • Travel

    • Guide / How-to

    • Families & Relationship

    • Humor​

  • Please take note that we only accepts one genre per author


Process of submission

  • The author must have at least one published book or a finished manuscript, we don't cater unfinished manuscript. 

  • The manuscript should be sent to this email for evaluation

  • After the evaluation, you will be contacted by one of the editors to discuss the materials needed for the submission. 

  • The next process will be discussed by the editor


Types of submission

  • Hybrid Submission

  • Traditional Submission

  • Movie and Film Submission

  • Foreign Submission


Submission Tips

  • We encourage authors to submit electronic copy of the manuscript as it is more convenient and environmental friendly. If the author submit a copy of their book in our office it will take longer to response. 


We assist publish and unpublish authors


Connects authors to Major publishers and Productions compnies

Turn your IDEAS into REALITY

Submit your manuscript

send your manuscript in this email:

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