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As an author you have full confidence on your work, you put your 100% time and effort just to come up with this material and somehow unable to see what clearly needs to be done to elevate and improve your work. That is where our expert comes in. It is our responsibility to clean up and critique your work. We help you to be at the industry’s standard. We not only improve your completed book, but we also assist you to make sure that your material is a market-ready material.


Materials needed: Manuscript, Book Cover Idea, Biography, Photo

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Make your book available in 3 different format and be available internationally.


  • Basic Publishing

  • Basic Formatting

  • ISBN Registration

  • Free 3 Softback Copy


Make your audience aware of your newly published book; once the book is published, it will be endorsed to the public relations team, who will create an article about the book's release.


  • Standard Publishing

  • Standard Formatting

  • Written article to be distributed to 250+ media channel

  • Free 3 Softback Copy

  • Free 1 softback and hardback copy


Reach not only potential readers but also the big people in the creative industry such as entrepreneurs, translators, major publishers, and production companies.


  • Content Publishing

  • Book Actualization

  • Direct Mail Content

  • Website Content and Promotions

  • Free 3 Softback Copy

  • Free 1 softback and hardback copy


An extensive project that gives a huge leverage as an author to have the book reach the potential investor


  • Book Actualization

  • Book Proposal

  • Query Letters

  • Reviews

  • Display Ads

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