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Your author reputation is essential; having a good reputation through publicity will generate credibility, giving the idea that your book is an investment worthy product. Whether you are self-publishing or looking for a traditional publisher, hiring expert book editing services is vital to your success.

Vintage Ink Solutions prepares your manuscript in accordance with publishing industry standards. We collaborate with a number of independent and renowned publishers who explore the market for the next best-selling product.

Vintage Ink Solutions provides assistance to authors in order for them to take the next stage in their journey toward publication.  We hope to assist our author in embarking on an innovative business by having their work traditionally adapted.

How Vintage Ink Solutions works?

1. Set an appointment with a submission consultant

  • Talk to a professional, if you don’t know where to start our Submission Consultant will guide you through.

2. Completion of Submission Requirements

  • As an established author, you already did some of the things for your books, these activity will be compile.

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3. Evaluation and Endorsement

  • The materials will be reviewed to see if necessary revisions need to be applied. The book will be matched with the best publishers based on genre, them, submission closing dates and publishers program

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Vintage Ink Solutions

cater authors from 195+ countries.

Vintage Ink Solutions

assist published and unpublished authors

Vintage Ink Solutions

connects with Production and Traditional Publishing companies.

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